Well it’s the infamous social distancing time, and even though I am pretty good at keeping myself motivated I have actually found myself a bit bored.

We as a family have been trying to keep our self busy with projects, especially using items we have around the house.
Today we made a new headboard. If we purchased this material we figured the headboard would have cost around $60.00
material needed

4 yards of leather or vinyl material

4 2x3x8 lumber of your choice

4 corner angle plates

1” wood screws

3” wood screws

stain in your choice of color


We took dimensions of my daughters bed frame and where the is space for bolts to go through if you added a Headboard

Using her dimensions, we decided that we wanted our material to be 2.5″ wide with approx 1/2″ space between. Using that math we came up with this.

Attaching the frame with angle brackets

Then to make the frame even stronger we angled screws in the corners as well.

Then McKenna sanded the frame down!

Stain the frame in a color of your choice

We cut our material 2.5″ wide

Then we starting stapling the fabric on, and weaving! Super fun and the total cost, if we bought the material would have been $60.00!