A local clothing store in Wasilla asked us to give them a stained concrete floor. They loved the idea of having a low maintenance floor that is so easy to clean. This is true, concrete floors are easy to clean, you do not have worry about replacing sections of your floor as it gets ruined, also concrete floors stained correctly can hide daily dust.

The issue with having concrete flooring in a existing space can be…

You can not stain over stain,

you can not stain over paint,

you can not stain over glue,

you can not stain over mastic…

if the floor has been sealed, stained, painted, had previous glue flooring installed or tiled in the past there is a high chance the stain will not adhere. The concrete needs to be sanded down with a commercial sander bringing if back to original porous state. I would love to say this is a easy task, but often is painstakingly  difficult. The issue with this particular space, there was a glue down carpet previous. The amount of glue and sealer that needed to be removed was enormous. With much effort, many commercial sanders and much cleaning we were finally able to start with the art of staining.

Staining concrete is never a given look. There is no way to get an exact look, the client needs to understand that there are many factors on how the finished product will look.If a client wants a gray stained concrete,  At some point the contractor and the client need to come to terms that the floor will be some sort of gray with some variations. When it comes to stain concrete, a client and contractor need to be open, honest and candid about what can and cannot happen.