Hello Darlin’ Hair Studio and Spa is a salon located in the heart of Wasilla Alaska.

The Beauty industry is all about looking good, and determining how to make your clients feel comfortable. Everything should make a statement on who you are, what you do, and who you want to serve. In a business where style matters, a salon’s interior sets the tone for what customers can expect.

Hello Darlin’ is a salon that wanted to appeal to everyone. This is not an easy task. Hello Darlin’s owners wanted to appeal to the high end client who needs special attention but also wanted to appeal to the Alaskan Man and also children!

We decided to go the route of something different and quirky, giving the clients a fun but eclectic chic feel. Planning of the salon required much thought, we needed to run plumbing and electrical to suite the needs of the salon but also keep the allowance in check for the clients. Not to mention the stylist themselves had many opinions on chair sizes, chair materials, spacing between stations and standing room around wash stations.

We worked with the following spreadsheet of allowances with the clients

Construction   Break Down Furniture/Equipment   Break Down
Materials Cost Labor/ Installation Costs Furniture/ Equipment Costs Labor/ Installation Costs
Plumbing Styling chairs
Electrical Dryer chairs
Drywall Shampoo units
Painting Shampoo cabinet
Flooring Pedicure chairs
Construction demolition Manicure stations
Signage Stools
Telephone Styling stations
Computer Color stations
Window treatment Color chairs
Furniture installation Dispensary
Furniture demolition Color lab
Architect’s plans Makeup unit
Permits Reception desk
Other: Reception furniture
Other: Retail displays



DESIRED START DATE: _______________________

DESIRED FINISH DATE: _______________________

After much planing, there was a 3 week construction time line until opening day.

Going with our eclectic vision, (eclectic = Not following any one system, but using the best ideas from several aspects of design) we knew we needed some bold statement pieces. Something that would let the customer know right away  the mission of this salon. Saying ” Hey client, welcome to our fun and professional salon where you are important no matter whom you are.” So We contacted a local store called Alaska Picker and commissioned two statement pieces, one being the large “Love” sign and the other being the front counter. The front counter, defining eclectic, is assembled with finds from all over the country.

Hello Darlin’ hair studio and spa was a amazing fun experience we loved working with all of the unique finds.