Those of you who took classes from Interiors By Mae years ago will remember this oldy but goody. Still one my all time favorites, fun for children and adults.Making this bowl is very easy and inexpensive.

Depending on the size of your bowl it may require many bags of army men.

Using a stainless bowl arrange your toy men how you would like.


I then use a heat gun and carefully melt them together. I have however, seen many people put the bowl in the oven at 150 degrees rather than using a heat gun.

Do not forget to use oven mits, the stainless bowl will get very hot.

Do the project outside or in a well ventilated area the plastic fumes are toxic.

Make sure you look over the bowl to make sure there is no weak spots and that the men are securely melted together.

Let it cool and remove.

enjoy your one of kind art piece